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Frances Carns, ND
Founder & Director
Angels At Work
(585) 349-9983

Frances Carns, ND

Frances Carns has been providing quality programs and services to the greater Rochester community since 1994, when she founded Angels At Work. Guided by Spirit, Angels At Work took on a new direction in 2006 as Angels At Work Holistic Health Center responding to the needs of her clients, guests, and community. In 2019,  she was once again guided to step on a new path and bring new experiences to the Angels At Work community.

PhD in Holistic Theology, American Institute of Holistic Theology
Master of Medical Science, American Institute of Holistic Theology
Doctor Of Naturopathy, Trinity College Of Natural Health
Certified Natural Health Care Professional (With Honors),
…….National Association Of Certified Natural Health Professionals
Holistic Physiology, Trinity College Of Natural Health
FLT Therapeutic Lifestyle Health Care Provider, Metagenics
Certified Hypnotist, National Guild Of Hypnotists
Master of Hypnosis / Certified Hypnotist, Banyan Hypnosis Center

Frances Carns also presents classes, workshops, and retreats addressing a wide range of subjects including spiritual development and guidance, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, weight loss and exercise, women’s health, spiritual development and guidance, and her ever-popular guided meditations offered every tuesday evening from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

To book appointments with Frances Carns ND, call our office at (585) 349-9983 or send us an online booking request by using page links  or use the  ►Appointments link on top right of pages.