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Jenelle Morris
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Jenelle Morris

Jenelle has been with us since she was in her teens, quietly holding everything together booking appointments and preparing for classes and as we grew, so did she. As we expanded our services into a Holistic Health Center, Jenelle became our Office Manager adding chart management, product ordering and inventory, training office personnel, and client check-in /check-out to her skill set.

For the several years Jenelle has pulled double duty working as a Health Care Assistant adding patient liaison and patient intake to her administrative duties in our office, and for a short time, with another holistic doctor as well. Most recently, this busy mom to two growing boys has enrolled at Trinity College of Natural Health in their Doctor of Naturopathy program. Her goal is to become a family practitioner specializing in treating children.

Jenelle also hopes to become a Certified Autism Specialist to be able to advocate for in-school services for children with autism. This is a fight Jenelle, and any parent of a child with autism, knows all too well. Constant battles with her school district for continued and appropriate levels of service for her youngest son, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a toddler, has given her both the inspiration and drive for this pursuit.

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