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Sheila Mancuso-Overmoyer, RYT

Having completed her Essential Yoga Teacher Training from Open Sky Yoga Center, under the direction of Françios Raoult, Sheila Mancuso-Overmoyer, became a Certified Yoga Instructor. The certification course of study included; Asana, Pranayama and the teaching practice of Anatomy and Kinesiology, with Yoga Practice, Philosophy and Ayurveda. Sheila received her Yoga Certification of Completion in 2004.

In 2005, Sheila continued her course of study in Yoga, attending a Yoga Intensive Seminar in Monpelliar, France, also under the direction of Françios Raoult.

Sheila is an active member in the Yoga Alliance since 2004.

“One of many impressions I have with yoga is that yoga practice is dynamic at many different levels. My Yoga practice is always evolving and changing. The Yoga postures, or Asanas themselves do not change, but our relationship to them will.”

Sheila’s Yoga class connects body, mind and spirit through meditation, chanting, breathing (Pranayama), and an occasional inspirational reading.

Always looking forward to sharing her Yoga experiences, Sheila welcomes all to attend her classes.

Yoga Class Information
Join Sheila Mancuso-Overmoyer, RYT for Yoga With Sheila. a Iyengar-Based Yoga Instruction, every Monday from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Angels At Work.
$15.00 per class – Walk-Ins Welcome (No pre-rgistration required)
$12.00 per class – Prepaid Class Card (10 classes for a $3.00 per class discount)

Complimentary Care
..Yoga Instruction

Registration is not required – walk-ins are welcome! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to sign in. For more information call Sheila at (585) 738-1480.