Classes & Workshops

//Classes & Workshops

Guided Meditation


Meditation is a process of deep relaxation of the body and of the mind. It is a powerful tool [...]

Guided Meditation2020-04-24T05:47:55-04:00

Workout Sessions


Workout sessions accommodate all skill levels, and no prior workout experience is required. Each session is personalized [...]

Workout Sessions2019-10-05T21:25:28-04:00

Yoga Instruction


Instructor ►Sheila Mancuso-Overmoyer, RYT is Iyengar Yoga Certified and Registered with Yoga Alliance. Sheila’s Yoga class connects body, [...]

Yoga Instruction2019-09-28T20:28:28-04:00

Women’s Support Group


Join us for a Women’s Support Group facilitated by Dr.Fran Carns to address day-to-day challenges faced by women [...]

Women’s Support Group2019-09-28T20:01:11-04:00