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Dr. Fraces Carns, Shamanic Healer, has been awakening people for over 35 years in dedicated practice under the supervision of the Elders. She has grown and lived most of her life according to the Native American Ways. Her Grandfather, Grey Feather, gave her the name “One Who Brings Hope”. She is very humble for all that crosses her path as a gifted clairvoyant and visionary. She’ll guide you through your transformation. Reaching your authentic self, you will not discover who you are, but remember who you are.

Dr. Carns has designed this 13-Stage program for developing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual understanding. Each stage has been carefully designed to take you through the deepest part of your soul – a place you may be unfamiliar with. Acknowledge your life’s path, and awaken to all you have come to know!

You will learn to center by sorting your path. You will honor the relationship of path and vision by accepting your chosen path. You will discover that your path is a link between you and Great Spirit, and that knowledge is the wisdom that comes from pure experience. You will become ready and whole to live your life in a manner that is both healthy and good for you. You will feel the depth of each avenue of your commitment and responsibility on your path, and will discover your own accountability for it. You will open to the respect of self and will walk your path in honor.

You will become aware of the energy around you – the guides, the teachers, and the lessons you need. You will see them clearly, feel them strongly, and hold them in your mind, body, and spirit until you no longer feel separation from them. Your teachers will guide you through old beliefs and patterns you no longer need to hold on to. You will look at where you are, where you have been, and where you are going, and you will experience a deep sense of understanding the path that lies ahead of you.

The choices you made five years ago brought you to where you are today. The choices you make now will bring you to where you would like to be in five years. Take your first step now so you can live a life of freedom, a life that is untrapped by fear.

About The Program

• Individual stages are be held at three hours per session with four to six weeks between each of the 13 stages allowing time to absorb each lesson and experience what you leave needing to work on. Program stages will be covered over the course of a year to a year and a half to allow some leeway for unforeseen stage cancellations.

• Once the program begins, new participants will not be accepted in order to not disturb the group dynamics of building family in sacred space. Additionally, registrants are expected to participate in each stage and avoid missing stages. The stages build upon each other and we are not able to repeat them if one is missed.

• All snacks and materials are provided.

• If weather permits, we may go outside to be with nature.

Is This Program For You?

YES … if you have been challenged with unhealthy behaviors (over-eating, using drugs, negative thought patterns).

YES … if you are committed to making changes. A great deal of commitment is expected to apply and follow through all 13 stages. Your outcome depends on your level of commitment.

YES … if you are willing to walk your path truthfully, honorably, and peacefully to effect change on all levels.

YES … if you have a need to stop repeating patterns or if you find yourself right back where you started trying to change things on your own.

YES … if you are open and willing to explore without being offended by other belief systems. Many walks of life will come together in sacred circle without judgment, and with an open heart.

Program Rules

1. No alcohol or drugs other than prescription medication for 48 hours before each stage. We need to work with a clean mind and clean body.

2. What goes on in the sacred circle stays in the sacred circle. Please refrain from all discussion about circle stages and personal participation outside of circle with anyone not participating in this program.

3. Please dress comfortably.

4. You may bring your own chair or pillow if it will make you more comfortable.

5. This program requires a serious commitment to follow through all stages. The commitment you make is not only to yourself, but to others in the group and the facilitator as well. If you drop the program for any reason you will not be allowed to return in the future without prior discussion and facilitator’s consent.