Angels At Work presents Angelic Healing Bracelets, a new offering by Frances Carns bringing the gifts of Angelic Healing and Spiritual Guidance to those that seek it.
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Healing Bracelet, Angelic Messages, Guidance Candle
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Angels At Work presents Angelic Healing Bracelets, a new offering by Frances Carns bringing the gifts of Angelic Healing and
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Healing Bracelet Angelic Messages Guidance Candle
A gemstone healing bracelet charged in 7-day prayer by Dr. Carns for healing, balance and empowerment. A written mini-reading performed remotely by Dr. Carns to provide insight or messages form Spirit A candle charged by Dr. Carns for use in meditation with the included prayer for seeking the guidance of Spirit

Dr. Carns’ hopes and prayers are that through this gift package you gain an awareness that you are never alone, and that you are empowered to bring forth your capabilities and discover your true path. Within your heart lies the greatest gift of all: the gift of unconditional love – the essence of who you truly are.
Experience the Gifts of Angelic Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Angelic Healing Bracelets are charged in prayer by Dr. Carns for 7 Days with love, light, and the energies of Archangels to become a symbol of hope, to carry gentle strength and courage, and to bring balance, opportunity and abundance to whoever wears it. The bracelet itself is designed with gemstone beads that correspond to each of the seven chakras to harmonize, balance, open, and heal your energy centers; sandalwood enhance meditation and stimulate spiritual awareness; and copper to enhance the energies of the other stones. The charm on the bracelet is a Hamsa Hand, an ancient middle eastern symbol recognized world-wide as a symbol of the hand of God. When worn, the charm acts as both an amulet (a charm that wards off evil) for protection, and a talisman (a charm that enhances spiritual power) to bring its owner happiness, luck, good health, and good fortune.

Angelic Messages are a form of spiritual guidance (psychic reading) termed medium work, where messages from angels, guides, and departed loved ones are channeled or communicated through a spiritual medium. Dr. Carns is a renowned clairvoyant and medium and has been performing readings for over 40 years for clients here at home, across the country, and around the world.

Guidance Candles are a tool energetically charged by Dr. Carns for use in seeking guidance from Spirit. The flame represents light, the source of all that exists, and it’s essence, the energy of unconditional love. A guidance payer is included for use in meditation with the candle and for prayer any time afterwards when you feel the need for guidance. Instructions on timing your request with the moon phase best suited to empower your request are also provided.


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