About Angels At Work

Angels At Work Holistic Health Center

Angels at Work has been providing quality programs and services to the greater Rochester community since 1994. Founded by Frances Carns and guided by Spirit, Angels At Work took on a new direction in 2006 responding to the needs of our clients, guests, and community as Angels At Work Holistic Health Center.

It is now 2019, and once again it is time for us to move in a new direction. New offerings are being developed while others have been let go to clear our path.  We are looking forward to bringing new experiences to the  community we serve, and we thank you for your continued interest in our programs and services.

Our Mission
To provide natural solutions for integrated well-being to our community ...
Our Vision
To see individuals become active participants in wellness of body, mind, and spirit ...
Who We Are

Angels At Work Holistic Health Center is dedicated to promoting an holistic approach to wellness. Holistic philosophy embodies the whole (body, mind, and spirit), informs the relationship between lifestyle choices and wellness and inspires individuals to accept responsibility for their own level of well-being.

Visit our ►Provider Profiles to meet the providers that bring you the programs and services offered by Angels At Work, and the services offered at our facility by independent providers under the direction of .►Frances Carns, ND.

What We Do

Our core services focus on natural solutions in an integrated lifestyle for well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Services include Hypnosis, Complimentary Care,  Spiritual Guidance and experiential classes, programs, and retreats.

Complimentary Care refers to services that compliment, and are also useful adjuncts to, traditional medicine. Offerings include Massage Therapy, Workout Sessions, Yoga, and Guided Meditations as well as energetic modalities such as Energy Medicine and Reiki.