Workout sessions accommodate all skill levels, and no prior workout experience is required. Each session is personalized
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Workout sessions accommodate all skill levels -  no prior experience is required. Each session is personalized with a mix of aerobics, pilates, weight training, yoga, and more!
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Private Workout Sessions
Dr. Fran understands the important role regular exercise plays in maintaining good health and the management of many chronic health conditions. She has seen much success in her practice with patients who dedicate themselves to optimizing their health with lifestyles that include regular exercise.
Private sessions accommodate all skill levels, and no prior workout experience is required. Each session is personalized with a mix of the following techniques:
Yoga poses increase flexibility, blood flow, muscle tone, and balance and Yoga breathing techniques relieve stress & improve awareness

A workout that incorporates mind-body breathing techniques to strengthen your core and back, flatten abdominals, and look of leaner & longer
Weight Training
Increases muscle strength and tone, strengthens connective tissue and tendons, improves endurance and helps to protect you from injury

Aerobic Exercise
Strengthens the heart and lungs, improves endurance, and helps reduce your risk of developing certain chronic health issues
Combines the core firming and muscle sculpting advantages of Pilates with the strength and flexibility achieved using Yoga

Cool-down using Self-Hypnosis techniques to address behavioral eating patterns such as stress, emotional, and comfort eating


Holistic Health Services at Angels At Work Holistic Health Center are offered as an adjunct to traditional medicine, and not intended to substitute treatment or advice provided by your physician or mental health provider.

Always consult with your health care providers before introducing anything new to the established care plans they have developed with you.

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