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Guided Meditations | LIVE


Guided Meditations LIVE on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm! Donations, though not required, are very much appreciated. Proceeds will be [...]

Guided Meditations | LIVE2022-07-12T11:46:55-04:00

Spiritual Guidance Sessions


Frances Carns is a renowned clairvoyant and medium, and has been performing readings for over 40 years for clients here [...]

Spiritual Guidance Sessions2021-02-01T12:33:57-05:00

Angelic Healing Bracelets


Angels At Work presents Angelic Healing Bracelets, a new offering by Frances Carns bringing the gifts of Angelic Healing [...]

Angelic Healing Bracelets2021-02-01T12:33:57-05:00

Guided Meditation


Meditation is a process of deep relaxation of the body and of the mind. It is a powerful tool [...]

Guided Meditation2022-06-11T19:32:35-04:00

Workout Sessions


Workout sessions accommodate all skill levels, and no prior workout experience is required. Each session is personalized [...]

Workout Sessions2021-02-01T12:33:58-05:00

Yoga Instruction


Instructor ►Sheila Mancuso-Overmoyer, RYT is Iyengar Yoga Certified and Registered with Yoga Alliance. Sheila’s Yoga class connects body, [...]

Yoga Instruction2021-02-01T12:33:58-05:00

Sacred Journey Retreat


Participating in this retreat, you will be guided on one of the most empowering experiences of your life by [...]

Sacred Journey Retreat2022-07-02T17:41:58-04:00