Under the backdrop of the clear blue Colorado sky, you will greet the Four Directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky. The clean
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Sacred Space Sanctuary
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Cascade, Colorado
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On your journey in Colorado, you will experience a profound metamorphosis as you transform and awaken to your true self. Under the guidance of Dr. Frances Carns and Dr. Corinne Harmon, you will be tested physically, spiritually and emotionally; the result of these challenges will be an intense sense of empowerment and pride.

Who should join us?

All women who are willing to heal low self-esteem, self-image, behaviors such as stress or comfort eating, weight concerns, relationship issues, communication skills, childhood abuse, anxiety, fears or self-doubt. Dr. Fran and Dr. Harmon will facilitate personal as well as group work driving you to the edge and back with love and encouragement.

Reaching your authentic self you will not discover who you are, but remember who you are…

Looking not only at the spiritual but Dr. Fran will also address physical reasons why women suffer with hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and thyroid issues. There will be an overview of all mental, emotional and physical aspects: the wholeness of you…mind, body and spirit. Both Dr. Carns and Dr. Harmon, known as Elders, will guide you each day on mountain hikes while working on the acceptance of all your experiences that have brought you to a place of guilt, anger, joy, or pain. This is known as good medicine and bad medicine and the adult behaviors, which may be expressing unresolved issues in many unhealthy ways. Healing the wounds caused by others and reinforced through life by one’s own self-doubt, most have held on to truths that are not their own.

Under the backdrop of the clear blue Colorado sky, you will greet the Four Directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky. The clean air, breath-taking landscape, spirit rocks and delectably healthy foods crafted from pure love to support you in conquering your hurdles. Intense mountain hikes challenge your physical body while providing the framework for peaceful in-depth soul searching, an opportunity to awaken the child within and acceptance of all experiences as they unfold. Getting to the root of your issues and growing from this new consciousness among compassionate friends and devoted Elders is what this retreat is based on. It is not about learning new things but “awakening” to that which your heart has always known but may have forgotten. It is about taking hatchet to those things that no longer serve the soul’s purpose and cutting loose any baggage inhabiting you from achieving your greatest potential.

This retreat is a powerful and life-altering experience …
Now is the time to awaken to your own truth …

There is something special that happens when people gather together and create group cohesion through mindful meditation. When we quiet our minds and listen with an open heart, we can begin to sense what is hidden behind the veil of perception. Collectively we become aware of a sense of wellness, peace, and connectedness. When the veil is lifted we are capable of knowing our inner truths and are reminded of our purpose. By expanding the mind to experience the truth that is locked away within each of us, we can change the condition of human kind. We can hold a vision for humanity where we all know how to love one another unconditionally. As we begin to see that we are always connected, we realized that we are not alone when we feel lost or sad or afraid. By gathering together with our collective intention focused on love, harmony, peace, and well-being, we can influence our communities for the better. Together we can create a safe space where each of us can nurture our gifts and develop the courage to share these gifts with others.

About Your Presenters

Frances Carns

Having been raised and living most of her life according to Native American Ways, Fran has been awakening people for over 35 years under the guidance of her Elders. Her Grandfather, Grey Feather, gave her the name “One Who Brings Hope”. She holds this name sacred and it is her essential driving force. She is very humble for all those who cross her path. Fran’s fundamental passion is to assist others in becoming healthy and to shine as the Great Spirit intended. As a gifted clairvoyant and shamanic visionary, she will guide you through your personal transformation.

Corinne Harmon

You are your own creator. Along with Great Spirit you can create your truth awakening to love of self. Dr. Harmon will teach you the deep understanding of the life force within live foods and you will experience this beautiful energy in the healthy meals that you will enjoy each day! You will learn how to prepare for the challenges you will encounter when you return back home. You will walk away from this retreat with new skills, tools, self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy set of boundaries. You will take charge of your life knowing you can accomplish anything!

Suzanne Tuttle

Suzanne Tuttle will also like to share her gifts with you. She has a unique way of guiding group meditations through varied vocal resonance techniques. Suzanne uses her voice to move energy and influence emotional states, as the sound waves help facilitate shifts in the consciousness. She describes her experience, “I allow my ego, or sense of individual self, to step aside while I vocalize and intone sound waves that resonate with my heart. This practice of mindful vocalization is an important way for me to create harmony between my inner-self and my outer-expression.”

Retreat Information

Registration & Fees

This retreat fills up quickly and available space is limited. A deposit of $1,500 by July 15, 2018 is required allow us to secure the best rates on airfare. It is advisable to get your deposit in early to secure your spot! If you are certain you will attend, a non-refundable placeholder deposit of $150 by May 1, 2018 will secure your spot and will be applied towards the required deposit due in July. A final payment of $1,500 by September 15, 2018 is required for participation in the retreat. Payment Plans are available and may be arranged by contacting Dr. Fran for details.

Travel & Destination

Retreat fees include the cost of airfare (estimated between $400 and $500); lodging for the duration of the retreat; and healthy, organic lunches and dinners. Once required deposits are paid in full (mid-July), Dr. Fran will works through a reliable travel agency to coordinate travel arrangements and procure the best possible rates for airline tickets and car rentals. Car rentals can be shared among participants and are charged in addition to required retreat fees. A minimum attendance of 10 participants is required in order for us to be able to offer the retreat.

What’s Provided

  • Airfare – Estimated value between $400 and $500
  • Lodging – 5 Nights and 6 Days / 2 guests per room (unless a single room is needed)
  • Meals – Lunch, Dinner and Snacks (Meals provided will be healthy, natural and organic.)
  • Full 6-Day & Evening POWERHOUSE – Intense but rejuvenating, breath-taking retreat
  • Daily Teachings – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm with plenty of breaks
  • And last but not least – A relaxing afternoon of strolling through the quaint mountain town of Manitou Springs with healthy local cafes, local artist selections, and, of course, souvenir t-shirts!

What to Bring

  • Personal Toiletries
  • Hiking Shoes/Socks
  • Comfortable Clothing (Dress in layers for seasonal weather.)
  • Journal (Daily journaling is required for reflection.)

Participation Rules

  • No alcohol or drugs, other than prescription medication, for 48 hours before the retreat. We need to work with a clean mind and clean body.
  • What goes on in the sacred circle stays in the sacred circle. Please refrain from all conversation related to retreat discussions and personal conversations.

Location Map

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