Join Dr. Fran Carns for a workshop using the full Worm Moon in March and Wolf Medicine to harness energies of rebirth and renewal.
Join ►Frances Carns, ND for a workshop using the full Worm Moon in March and Wolf Medicine to harness energies of rebirth and renewal. March’s full moon is also a Supermoon, the first of three this year when the moon’s orbit is closest to earth, and lunar energies are amplified.

Full moons, in general, are a good time to work with intuitive abilities and receive guidance from Spirit, Using insight from your intuition and guidance from Spirit will bring harmony and balance into your life, and will foster a trust in universal guidance and your connection to all that exists..

Worm Moon

Native American tribes and early Europeans often named months after important natural features that were observed at that time of year. These names helped them to connect with and integrate the energies that were present and so vital to them in the natural world. Their cultures closely linked with the rhythms of nature, and so their time cycle was much more moon (lunar) based than our current calendar, based on a solar year.

March’s full moon is the Worm Moon, The ground begins to soften, and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. This has also been called the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow, and the annual tapping of maple trees begins. The Worm moon celebrates the arrival of spring, diminishment of the cold weather, and warming of the frozen ground. New plants and life begin to be evident, and the appearance of earthworms, an important player in the quality of soil for plant growth, become active. Some other names for this moon are the Crow, Sugar, or Chaste Moon.

Wolf Medicine

Wolf is the Pathfinder. As we walk through Shamanic Death opening to our rebirth, Wolf will head you to the surest route out of the mire of confusion, fear, doubt, and uncertainty. The Pathfinder sheds new light on what has been confusing you and shows how to become clear and focused. The truth is found, and the crooked trail ends when Wolf leads you home to your true self. Wolf shows us the truth in our paths as well as how to avoid pitfalls. Call on Wolf medicine for insight:

  • Where are you in your present path? Mind, Body, Spirit?
  • Is your mind focused? Is your body healthy? Are you one with all relations?
  • On the Red Road – your Earth Walk or physical life.
  • What is the next step? How can I apply the structure I need to my life in order to achieve my goals?

Let wolf be part of your Totem. The help you may need is living in your heart, open your heart to eternal flame that lives inside you.

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