You are the creator of your own reality. Awaken to your personal power and the ancient art of magick. Join Frances Carns, ND to explore The Power of Magick and unlock your potential.

Join ►Frances Carns, ND to explore The Power of Magick. She lives life walking her path with a deep understanding of the connection of all that exists, and respects all walks of life while honoring Native American traditions. She understands that many paths lead to this same understanding, separated only by a difference in cultural expression.

You are the creator of your own reality.  Awaken to your personal power and the ancient art of magick.

Magick springs from the energy of the Earth and the Sun that sustains us, and the wisdom and guidance emanated from the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars. You will learn how to use these energies to craft candle magick spells and use magickal correspondences that empower your intent to shape your reality.

Highlights Include:
  • Candle magick basics including candle colors and interpreting candle flames
  • Working with moon phases and their energies to empower your intent
  • Tools and methods used to prepare scared space for magickal workings
  • Magickal correspondences including gemstones, herbs, and essential oils

As you kindle your awareness of the art of magick, you will also come to understand that with its practice comes great responsibility. When practicing magick, energies become your tools and consciousness becomes your canvas, but it is your intent that creates the outcome. Your intent should always be guided by the moral compass of harm to none. You are responsible for the outcomes you create, and the for Karma you set in motion.

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