In this Shamanic Journey weekend for women, you will be guided on one of the most empowering experiences
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To Be Announced
To Be Announced
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In this Shamanic Journey weekend for women, you will be guided on one of the most empowering experiences of your life by Frances  Carns, Shamanic Healer. Fran has been awakening people for over 30 years in dedicated practice under the supervision of the Elders. She has grown and lived most of her life according to the Native American Ways. Her Grandfather, Grey Feather, gave her the name “One Who Brings Hope”. She is very humble for all that crosses her path as a gifted clairvoyant and visionary. She’ll guide you through your transformation. Reaching your authentic self, you will not discover who you are, but remember who you are.

Planned Activities
  • Awaken to the four directions and Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • Gather your talking stick and open to its teaching
  • Journey to good and bad medicine
  • Awaken to the creation of your medicine bag
  • Work with spirit rock and stone people
  • Stargaze and learn symbols of the stars
  • Participate in Council Fire as we journey into the soul
  • Participate in Cornmeal Circle and creation of Sacred Space
  • Learn to love Sacred Space
  • Awaken the child within
  • Accept the grace of all experiences as they unfold
  • Release and surrender that which serves no purpose
  • Learn survival skills, tracking, and identifying herbs and plants
  • Participate in light physical challenges (like hiking) at your own pace
  • Healing work from inner childhood to adult – behaviors such as fears, phobias, emotional eating disorders, unhealthy habits, forgiveness
  • Opening Fire Ceremony on Friday night and Ceremonial Closing Dinner on Saturday
Retreat Information

Program Rules

Absolutely no drugs (other than prescribed medication) or alcohol will be permitted at the gathering. We also ask that you to abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol for at least four days prior to the retreat. As we all know, drugs and alcohol are a distraction, and we need not be distracted. We need to work with a clean mind and clean body.

What To Bring

  • Tent and camping supplies (Call us to reserve available cottage space to sleep in if necessary. Space is limited.)
  • Cell phone use allowed for emergency and absolute necessity only – expect poor to no reception*
  • Flashlight and batteries, sleeping bag, toiletries, towels, and bug spray
  • Layers of clothing to adaptable to changes in temperature and weather conditions
  • Plan for a lot of hiking – hiking boots and changes of appropriate socks are recommended
  • An ankle-length skirt for participation in Healing Lodge
  • You will also need to bring a blanket you are no longer in need of for Healing Lodge
  • Loose tobacco to offer Mother Earth and Sacred Fire and a drum or rattle if you like
  • You also may bring a sacred object of your own to carry on your journey
  • A notepad or journal and pen or pencil for personal reflections about your journey
  • Bring ½ yard of red cloth, white ribbon, and red ribbon for your medicine bag – many gifts on
    the walk may be offered to you

Food and Beverage

  • Bring a cooler with light foods and snacks – it is best not to eat heavy when doing healing and cleansing work
  • Recommended foods include veggies, fruits, tuna fish, trail mix and yogurts
  • Water will be provided along with Closing Ceremonial Dinner on Saturday

Location and Departure

  • The location for the retreat is 4040 Pump Station Rd in Cameron Mills NY, approximately two hours away.
  • Participants are encouraged to car pool. Please be at Angels at Work ready to depart at 8:30 am Thursday.
  • Location map and directions are provided below.
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